The Most Important Role Models are Created at Home

I recently watched a video that captured the story of a woman known as Miss Auntie from Liberty Square, more commonly referred to as Pork’ N Beans Projects, in Liberty City, Miami. In the video, Miss Auntie pleads for individuals to step-up and become role models for the neighborhood children. She says that representatives from the area and professional basketball players should come into the community and teach the kids a better way to live. “They need role models!” Miss Auntie chants. dawn-column-card

As I listened to her plea, I began to think about my mother. Mom had a good work ethic, was a great homemaker, was community responsible, maintained a clean environment and hired neighborhood residents to perform odd jobs. She was a good listener, communicator, supporter and companion.  Although my father passed away when I was a toddler, I’ve been inspired by all the nice things I’ve learned about him as well.

During the video, I heard the voices and laughter of children and I thought about their parents, who could certainly serve as role models. I looked over at my night stand and saw the Mother’s Day card that my son gave to me this past May. I keep it on display because the words on the cover inspire me to keep trying. The cover reads “Women Like You Set an Example.”  As parents, we are indeed role models, and even if we don’t recognize ourselves as so, believe it or not, our kids do.

Dawn Glasco,

Engagement Coordinator, Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood