Cleveland Investment Schools Picked

Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon has announced the 13 “investment schools” the district has selected to turn around, one of the primary goals of The Cleveland Plan.

The 13 schools, among the worst-performing in the district, and will see a mix of more cmsdlogo2class time, new principals, new teachers, retrained teachers and special attention to the weakest areas of the school and the greatest needs of its students. One Promise partner school, Carl & Louis Stokes Central Academy, is in this first group.

“‘Investment Schools’ represent not only our greatest, clearest need, but also our greatest opportunity to make changes our students and their families can see and feel in their classrooms, their schools and their communities,” the District said in its announcement.

The changes the district wants for these schools fall into three categories: Building students’ Readiness to Learn; Building educators’ Readiness to Teach; and Building school leaders’ Readiness to Act.

The phase 1 Investment Schools are: Anton Grdina, Carl & Louis Stokes, Case, Collinwood, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Adams, Kenneth Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy, Lincoln West, Luis Munoz Marin, Mound, Robert H. Jamison, Robinson G. Jones, and Walton.