Black Male Achievement Resource Guide

Accelerating the Results

This series was developed to help communities promote black male achievement in their neighborhoods by using the Promise Neighborhoods model to coordinate educational, health, and community supports to help children succeed from the cradle to college to career. This guide was produced by the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink with assistance from the Leadership and Sustainability Institute for Black Male Achievement and funding from the Open Society Foundations Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

This guide is applicable to any community working to improve outcomes for black males. It can also be adapted for communities working to improve outcomes for other populations.

Part I is designed to help Promise Neighborhoods systematically identify and address barriers to improve the outcomes of black male children in their communities. It offers step-by-step instructions for assessing their needs and recommends a results-based framework for using this information to make a positive impact in their lives, from cradle to college to career. In doing so, this document describes how to build the infrastructure to plan and implement targeted interventions for children who need them most.