Back-to-School Rally Happens Aug. 8

Back-to-School Rally Happens Aug. 8

PromiseNeighborhood10FamiliesĀ are invited to the annual fun at the Cleveland Central Back-to-School Rally from noon to 4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 8, at Friendly Inn, 2386 Unwin Road.

The free event includes snacks, school supplies, entertainment and activities for Cleveland Central residents.

Plus, volunteer hair stylists will be back to give haircuts to the boys and braid hair for the children.

This event is held in collaboration with the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood, Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority, Paramount and Friendly Inn.

See you there!



Ambassadors Help Cleveland Transformation Alliance

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance hired Promise Ambassadors to collect data on its behalf as of Dec. 5. By mid-January, over 200 quality school reviews have been conducted with families and students in the Promise Neighborhood.

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance is a public-private partnership dedicated to growing a portfolio of quality district and charter schools. The alliance works to ensure every child in Cleveland can attend a quality school, and every neighborhood has great schools from which families can choose.