Community mural project call for participants

Community mural project call for participants

The community mural project “A Bridge that Bridges” is extending it’s message of unity, justice and togetherness to include the Cedar Ave. bridge connecting downtown Cleveland to the Central neighborhood. Campus District, Inc., Neighborhood Connections and Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. lead the mural project and are actively seeking residents and community members interesting in helping develop the concept and design for the second installment of “A Bridge that Bridges”.

Residents and community partners of A Bridge that Bridges mural project.
Residents and community partners of A Bridge that Bridges mural project.

Last year the E. 22nd St. Bridge was painted with the words “unite”, “racial divide”, “courage” and “believe” alongside colorful illustrations.  It’s called “ A Bridge that Bridges” because it connects the Central neighborhood to the downtown business district. Similar to last year, the lead organizations on the project hope to work with a diverse group of residents and stakeholders to create artwork for the mural project that addresses race.

“We wanted to use this opportunity to have discussions about that, about structural racism about individual racism and create a mural I can connect the two and brings it back together,” said Kaela Geschke, Community Organizer, Campus District Inc. told WEWS News Channel 5 of the bridge project last August.

During the three month mural project, the group will meet ten times for two hour sessions to engage in intentional conversations about race while designing the artwork for the bridge. Neighbor Up’s Make Art Talk Race practice will be used to help guide the discussions and design process. According to Gwen Garth, co-creator of Make Art Talk Race, the practice gives neighbors and community members a safe, constructive place to talk about racism and release pent-up anger or guilt that they may not even be aware of through creative expression.

What YOU can expect from the project:

  • A rich and nurturing environment for personal and group development
  • Light refreshments each session
  • A professionally facilitated process for both the conversations and artwork
  • FUN

What the project expects from YOU:

  • A commitment to participate in all ten sessions
  • Shared learning with peers based on your experience and knowledge
  • Open-minds and hearts
  • Respectful and honest conversations

Sessions begin on Tuesday, June 6 and will conclude on August 29 with to be determined  mural project unveiling and community celebration. If you are interested in learning more or would like to apply to be part of A Bridge That Bridges mural project, contact Kaela Geschke at Campus District Inc. via email at or phone at 216.287.4535.