Scholarships for Baldwin Wallace Health Careers Exploration Week

Scholarships for Baldwin Wallace Health Careers Exploration Week

Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood is offering a number of fully-paid scholarships to Baldwin Wallace University’s Health Careers Exploration Week happening June 11-16, 2017 at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. Health Careers Exploration Week is designed for students entering grades 9-12 who are interested in learning more about career options in health care, on the both the administrative and clinical sides of the industry. In addition, students stay on the Baldwin Wallace campus and experience college life.

Ta'mya Bryson listens to Hayley Gallo's pulse during Baldwin Wallace's Health Care Exploration Week. (photo courtesy of
Ta’mya Bryson listens to Hayley Gallo’s pulse during Baldwin Wallace’s Health Care Exploration Week. (photo courtesy of

The scholarships offered by Promise Neighborhood are eligible to students from the Central neighborhood and includes the full cost of the week-long experience which includes housing and meals, as well as transportation to and from the Baldwin Wallace campus if needed. Scholarship funding from Promise Neighborhood is made available through a grant from the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland.

Northeast Ohio is a hub for healthcare careers and the demand for educated healthcare professionals continues to grow. Team NEO’s regional jobs growth forecast shows nearly half the new jobs created in the next decade will be in health care-related industries. Health Careers Exploration Week is an invaluable opportunity for students to spend a week in a higher education setting with other high school students and to interact with university faculty and healthcare professionals.

During the week, each session or activity exposes students to a different aspect of health care and related career opportunities. Students will learn what their educational path could look like should they choose to purse the field. The packed schedule includes quality time in the University’s biology and cadaver labs where students are interpreting blood panels and, yes, examining the layout of organs in real human cadavers used by Baldwin Wallace pre-med and biology students. Using medical mannequins and other equipment, students also will participate in exercises led by nursing and physician assistant program faculty including suturing, infection control, blood pressure monitoring, wound care and Code Blue response.

Activities during Health Careers Exploration Week include:

HeartSaver CPR/AED Training
Heartsaver® CPR AED teaches adult CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use, as well as how to relieve choking on an adult. Instructors observe the students, provide feedback and guide the students’ learning of skills.

Examination of Human Cadavers and Removed Organs
Students will individually examine the layout of organs and other structures in three dissected human cadavers, as well as study individual specimens removed from many other human cadavers. Removed specimens include brains, hearts, lungs, G.I. tracts, urinary tracts, and reproductive tracts. Exam gloves and dissection forceps are supplied.

Learning Lab Panels and Diagnosing a Medical Condition
Students will learn basic pathophysiology and the interpretation of routine laboratory blood panels. A clinical case study will be presented, along with any requested results of lab tests, and the students will work in groups to diagnose the condition of the patient and suggest potential treatments.

Suture Technique Class with Lab
Students will individually learn and practice simple interrupted, vertical mattress, and horizontal mattress sutures on artificial wounds. Exam gloves, suture material, suture needles, tissue forceps, and hemostats are supplied.

New Technology Allowing the Silent to Speak
Students will use technology to create solutions that help children and adults who are unable to talk communicate. A hands on lab will allow students to interact with technology and create new innovative solutions to correct the sometimes “hidden” disorder of communication. An opportunity to sample the newest technological advances will be given to students. Students will also learn about the many health care professions that need to collaborate for success of this technology.

Business side of Health Care
Several sessions will be included to cover some of the leadership issues in Health Care. There are three key issues associated with healthcare today: Access, quality and cost. Students will be introduced to the Affordable Care Act and its attempt to address these three areas. Students will also be introduced to the multiple stakeholders involved in the payment of services such as insurance companies, employers, physicians, hospitals, etc. A session that discusses some of legal and ethical implications in the health care industry will also be included.

Students practice on cadaver's at Health Careers Exploration Week.
Students practice on cadaver’s at Health Careers Exploration Week.

Nursing Lab Session
Students will work with mannequin simulators and listen to blood pressure, heart and lung sounds. Also learn about EKG interpretations and experience a mock code simulation.

Public Health Service Learning Experience
The students will learn about emerging roles of public health from hands-on experiences by visiting and working with a community-based public health agency.

Music Therapy – Everyone Has a Song
The career of music therapy and how it relates to other health care careers will be presented in a lecture/experiential format. One must be an accomplished musician to be an effective music therapist, but all can participate in this session and learn about the integral nature of music experiences to our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Beyond that traditional medical focus, students will sample activities in BW’s speech communications disorders and music therapy programs, and gain a view of the business side of the mammoth health care industry, with help from School of Business faculty and Southwest General. They also will earn CPR certification through training lead by School of Health, Physical Education and Sport Sciences faculty.

Students will also be touring a local hospital and meeting some physicians and staff. We will have evening activities as well that have yet to be planned. This group typically goes to a Cleveland Indians game and visits Swings-N-Things Fun Park.

View and download an application to attend Health Careers Exploration Week here.

To learn more about receiving a scholarship through Promise Neighborhood or to receive support in completing the application, contact Dawn Glasco, engagement coordination, Promise Neighborhood, at or (216) 346-5648.