News: Cleveland Teachers Union Rejects Tentative Agreement with School District

The Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU) has rejected the three year contract proposed by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD). Teachers voted 1,832 to 1,730 to reject the deal. Failure to approve the tentative agreement that was reached on Aug. 30, 2016 means the teachers and school district will continue negotiations to revise the contract.

books-1099067_1920“It was a close vote, but enough of our members clearly do not believe that the Tentative Agreement fixed the broken promises that occurred over the last three years,” David Quolke, CTU President, told “Our members know that there is still too much testing for our students and that evaluations must become significantly more fair.”

According to, the deal, which would have given the teachers a 2 percent raise this school year, called for wages to be negotiated again next year when the result of the tax renewal is known. The 2012 tax increase that is up for renewal in November was a 15-mill tax that raised the city’s property tax rate for schools by about 50 percent. It gives the schools about $65 million a year, or nearly 10 percent of its $700 million operating budget.

The contract also would have eliminated a plan what was reached in 2013 as part of the Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools that bases teacher raises on their annual performance review.

“While I respect the decision of CTU’s members, I do believe that the agreement reached between the District and Union bargaining teams was good for our student scholars, fair for our educators, and protected the reforms of The Cleveland Plan,” said Eric Gordon, CEO of CMSD, in an email. “The District remains committed to bargaining a contract that meets these goals and that members can support.  We will be prepared to meet with the CTU bargaining team in the days ahead and continue to work for an agreement that can be supported by all.”

To learn more about the agreement, visit or the Cleveland Metropolitan School District website.