New Promise Ambassadors

Let’s welcome and congratulate our three new Promise Ambassadors: Nancy Randall, Bobby Chaney, and Robin Turner. Each brings a unique set of skills that will pay great dividends in our efforts to engage the community.

The three were introduced at the Town Hall meeting in August at Outhwaite Community Center.

Robin Turner, mother of two beautiful daughters, is noted to be a humanitarian. Robin stands firm on her beliefs that demonstrate her passion for the Central community in that residents need to show unity.

Robin is currently involved in activities surrounding women’s health and employment. In addition to the work as an ambassador, Robin works as a health educator and engagement specialist for Northern Ohio Recovery Association.

When asked why she wanted to be become an ambassador Robin proudly stated that “I’m from Central and I’m here to give back!”
Bobbie Chaney is another one of our graduates who lives in the Arbor Park Community. Bobbie notes that the presence of Promise has exposed her to the positive things within the neighborhood.

Bobbie admits to being reserved, yet with the positive support of her peers, has taken a step to not only help support herself but also the needs of her neighbors and the community at large. Bobbie notes to having a passion for the homeless and is currently looking for opportunities to offer her skills as a Health Care Provider to those on the margin.

Nancy Louise Randall is very passionate and deliberate about community activism and educating youth. Her participation in Promise’s Ambassador training strengthened her resolve on the importance of caring about others in an effort to make community change real.

Nancy emphasizes and promotes the love of reading and family bonding. Prior to her becoming an ambassador, the Randall family connected with Promise activities including being a proud participant of Wade Oval’s Parade the Circle this past June. Nancy continues to support the community through the works of Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood as a volunteer and resident advocate.