Resident Leaders

PromiseNeighborhood10Residents lead the change they want to see in the Promise Neighborhood. In Cleveland Central, the Promise Neighborhood has an Ambassador program and started a new program for Resident Leaders in early 2016.

We encourage all residents to make a promise to the mission of the Promise Neighborhood by getting involved. Contact the Neighborhood Engagement Team: Manager Joe Black by email or call 216.346.5639 or Coordinator Dawn Glasco by email or call 216.346.5648

Resident Leaders are community advocates and supporters of Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood who engage in various ways to strengthen the neighborhood. (No training is required to be a Resident Leader, but these leaders are welcome to participate in available training.)

Promise Ambassador are advocates and supporters of the Cleveland Central neighborhood. They have participated in Promise-provided training and committed to working directly with the Promise Neighborhood organization at Sisters of Charity Foundation and its partners to improve the quality of life for residents in the Central community.

In the updated program, Promise Ambassadors are involved in a specific area or areas of interest connected to the Promise mission (early learning, K-8, high school, college and career or resident leadership) and be provided ongoing professional development in that category.

Resident Leaders and Ambassadors contribute to their area of focus by:

  • Promoting community resources and services
  • Volunteering a minimum number of hours to related activities
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships with key stakeholders
  • Distributing, connecting, and contributing to related Promise Neighborhood work
  • Assuming a leadership role with an organization, board or committee involved in their area of focus

To get involved, contact Promise Neighborhood Engagement Manager Joe Black at or 216.346.5639 of Promise Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator Dawn Glasco at or 216.346.5648.