Help re-open the art room at Lonnie Burten Recreation Center

Recently, a group of Central artists, residents and Promise Neighborhood staff began renovating the art room at the Lonnie Burten Recreation Center. The group hopes to re-open the art room to the community in January, but is in need of some items and assistance.

The following items are needed for the opening of the art room:

  • Stools (about 15) for the students to sit onart-supplies-1324034_1280
  • 3 folding tables
  • 2 Cabinets with locks to store art supplies
  •  Someone to check the Kiln to get it in working order for pottery class
  • Repair work done on the walls in the hallway
  • Large plastic tubs/bins for storage and small ones for organization of markers and pencils, etc.
  • Paint: acrylic & for airbrushing
  • Art paint brushes
  • Trash Can
  • Rags for painting and clean-up
  • Paper towels

If you have items to donate or can be of assistance for some of the repair work, please contact Gwendolyn Garth at 216.339.0571 or

The opening of the art room at Lonnie Burten Recreation Center is part of a larger community initiative to create a safer, more peaceful neighborhood.