Community Health Workers in Central

University Hospitals, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s pediatric program – the Rainbow Care Connection Program – to improve care, overall health and lower costs for children in Northeast Ohio. The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland and the Central Promise Neighborhood are supporting the implementation of this program in the Central Neighborhood through a multi-faceted neighborhood engagement strategy.

The goal of the engagement strategy is to: Connect Central neighborhood children and families to available quality health and health care services/resources, with an emphasis on the HealthSpot a non-emergency tele-health medical station that provides free diagnosis and treatment for children ages 2 to 18 years old.

A key component to the engagement strategy is the implementation of a Community Health Worker model. Currently the foundation has contracted with five community health workers now in the Central Neighborhood.

These lay health resident leaders went through 12-weeks of intensive training covering leadership, engagement, community health work, pediatric prevention and primary care.

Their primary roles and responsibilities are to provide primary outreach, health education and pediatric prevention interventions to families in the Central Neighborhood.

The primary aims of this project are to:

1) Reduce residents in Central use/frequency of emergency room visits related to primary pediatric care.

2) Disseminate health related information through outreach and awareness building,

3) Link families and provide instruction on appropriate usage of the Health Spot at Friendly Inn.

4) Provide follow-up with patients that use the Health Spot, including high-risk patients and provide referrals, which may include the University Hospital’s care manager.

The community health workers have been actively engaging families and children in Central since June 2014. They have increased appropriate utilization of the HealthSpot by more than 50%.

The HealthSpot is open Monday thru Friday from 5:30 pm to 11 pm and on Saturday from 1 pm to 11 pm and is located inside Friendly Inn Settlement House, 2386 Unwin Rd.