Central youth wins MyCom award

Central Neighborhood’s own Jason Foster was recognized as a recipient of the MyCom Youth Voice Award last month, given to individuals in the community who reflect the key principles of being committed to their community.

Jason received nominations from a slew of community representatives who admire his ability to embody the potential of the neighborhood. As Jason walked to the podium Lisa Bottoms, the Cleveland Foundation’s program director for human services and child and youth development, read the following:

“Despite being faced with the turmoil of poverty, Jason has and continues to debunk the myth of what it means to be a youth in an impoverished neighborhood. At times the living in Central can be viewed as more of a task than a privilege.

“Yet he walks through the community with no strife or discomfort. Jason is an active member of the Friendly Inn youth group, a stellar student at New Tech, and member of the East Tech Football Team.

“Jason also acts as an advocate for CMSD Rows encouraging youth to accept the challenge of trying something different. In his home Jason acts as a role model for younger sister.”

Lisa noted that choosing the recipients was particularly difficult this year with so many great nominations.

This proved true for Renee Wren, a Promise Ambassador who was nominated for an award as a caring adult. Renee and Jason, both serve as pillars of positive change by leaving a stamp on the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood.

The Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood extends our congratulations to all the winners, seven other youth and three adults, as well as OhioGuidestone, which received the MyCom Network Agency Youth Voice Award.