Catholic Health World Tells Promise Story

WorldCatholicScreenCatholic Health World shared the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood story. It came out this month in this cover story.

“Jerome Baker wanted to help his old neighborhood in Cleveland. He took part in a reading program for second-graders, serving in their school as an adult tutor.

At a community event months after he began, a little girl saw him from a distance and shouted, ‘Hey, Mr. Baker.’ It was all the encouragement he needed to continue.

‘Her happy face and waves made me understand that, even in small ways, we are making an impact,’ said Baker, 50. ‘It’s an awesome feeling.'”

The article goes on to detail the beginnings of Promise, its role in the neighborhood, and the difference the volunteers and others in the Promise Neighborhood are making. We encourage you to read the piece to remind or refresh you about the great work happening.