Building Communities

Good evening. It is roughly 7 pm, and the day has finally come to a finish.

The aches of the labor are settling in, yet the pain is being eased by the joy of success. As I took my final walk through, prior to locking the building, I was able to truly absorb the work and effort that was put forth on behalf of our youth. I thought of all the hands and minds that worked timelessly to make this idea a reality. As I continued to walk I thought of all the funds that were used as an investment in our individual greatness.

This collaboration (with ARAMARK, City Year and Promise) extends the scope of our services beyond measure and for that we are truly grateful beyond. With that being said we will use our gratitude as a compass for our service.

As we continue in our journey of cultivating, planting and nurturing those served in the Central Community. Thank you again; we sincerely appreciate your hard work.

Joseph Black, MyCom Director at Friendly Inn Settlement House