A message from the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

For nearly two decades, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland has partnered with residents, nonprofits and community leaders to change the trajectory of poverty in Cuyahoga County. Your partnership in one of our signature initiatives – the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood – is integral in helping kids grow up with the tools they need to thrive and be successful, from birth through college.

The Central Promise Neighborhood’s series of interwoven social and educational programs – initiated together and with community leadership and sustainable funding – make change possible. As this important work continues, we want you to know about an important leadership transition. Sonya Pryor-Jones is leaving her position as the first Promise director. In 2015, she will continue working on mission driven projects with several organizations.

On behalf of the foundation’s board and staff, as well as the many Promise partners, we extended our sincere appreciation and thanks to Sonya for her many contributions. During her tenure, we have achieved much.

As we move forward to select the next Promise director, Leslie Strnisha, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland’s vice president, will continue her oversight of the Promise initiative’s important work.

Together, we will continue to create positive outcomes for the Central Neighborhood residents through a cradle to career pipeline of support that touches all aspects of life, from stable housing and healthy lifestyles to good schools and safe neighborhoods.