Quality Early Child Care Expands

PromiseNeighborhood18Of the 13 early-childhood centers in Cleveland Promise Neighborhood, eight are are quality rated. Most recently, two early-care and -education centers earned Step Up to Quality Rating. One early care and education center raised its star-quality rating from three to four stars.

A new child-care center opened in September, Home Away from Home on E 37th Street and Community College serving infants through school age and providing evening care.

What does a quality rating mean? Ohio created the Step Up to Quality preschool-rating system based on how well the center tries to educate children.

More information: Starting Point helps parents and child-care centers navigate the preschool process. Visit www.starting-point.org or call 216.575.0061. Tatian Wells is the Starting Point contact for the Promise Neighborhood.

Parents and Children Gather at Play Room

PromiseNeighborhood8Woodland Wonderland Stay and Play Room is a place for families with children ages 0-5 to enjoy a fun playroom for both parent and child. Parents are their children’s first teacher. The Play Room promotes parent-child engagement, stimulates language and motor skills, and exposes parent and child to a preschool-like setting.

  • Open 4-6 p.m. Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Wednesdays at Woodland branch of Cleveland Public Library, 5806 Woodland Ave.

More than 80 parents and 115 children came to the Play Room between Sept. 1 and mid-January.

Volunteers Manage Little Free Libraries

books-1005324_1920Little Free Libraries in the Promise Neighborhood have new caretakers. Girl Scouts at Outhwaite Community Center oversee the one at Lonnie Burton Splash Park and CMHA’s Early Learning Program Initiative is responsible for the one at Alfred Benesch Elementary School. Thanks to each group for their help!

Little Free Libraries offer free books for the neighborhood with the “Take a Book, Leave a Book” mantra. Want to learn more about Cleveland’s Free Libraries, which were started by Bob Cheshier and today are lead by Margaret Bernstein. Visit www.kidsbookbank.org.



Ambassadors Help Cleveland Transformation Alliance

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance hired Promise Ambassadors to collect data on its behalf as of Dec. 5. By mid-January, over 200 quality school reviews have been conducted with families and students in the Promise Neighborhood.

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance is a public-private partnership dedicated to growing a portfolio of quality district and charter schools. The alliance works to ensure every child in Cleveland can attend a quality school, and every neighborhood has great schools from which families can choose.

Welcome and Thanks to Advisory Board Leaders

Welcome to Woodrow Whitlow, former director of NASA Glenn Research Center, as the new chair of the Promise Neighborhood Advisory Board and Latisha James, executive director of local government and community relations at Case Western Reserve University, as the new vice chair of the board.

Special thanks to Dr. Giesele Greene for her service as chair of the Promise Neighborhood Advisory Board.

Students Benefit from Reading, Volunteers

In Promise Neighborhood education news, 160 first and second graders in Cleveland Central are participating in the Read and Ride program. Students read books, write reports and are entered to win one of 12 bikes at the end of the year. Keep up the great reading!

Welcome to medical students from NEOMED at Cleveland State University who are studying to work in urban-city medicine. After a recent tour of the Promise Neighborhood, they now are tutoring middle school students in Central Cleveland.

UnitedHealthCare Works With Promise

United Health Care has partnered with the Promise Neighborhood to focus on male engagement in the community. The effort has involved more than 40 men in the Promise Neighborhood who are working to become more active in the schools and other key neighborhood institutions.

For more information on the initiative, contact Neighborhood Engagement Manager Joe Black at 216.241.9300 or jblack@socf.org.