Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Aiming to Transform Central Neighborhood

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority wants to transform Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood and is applying for a $250,000 planning grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to plan the project.

The Choice Neighborhood project, a complementary program to Promise Neighborhood, aims to physically transform a portion of Central, specifically Cedar Estates public housing. But the Choice program is wide-ranging focusing beyond housing to neighborhood redevelopment.

CMHA must also plan social service and education opportunity improvements in the neighborhood, and is working closely with the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland and its partners which is doing similar planning under the Promise Neighborhood project.

The portion of Central CMHA is focusing on corresponds to the same area and three schools the Promise project is targeting to work with residents and community leaders to ensure children are ready for school and succeed academically in excellent schools.

Promise Planning Teams Formed

Five planning teams leaders have been picked to begin the work of identifying programs and services that need to be developed or ramped up for the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood. The teams are:

  • Early Childhood – team leader Marcia Egbert, The George Gund Foundation
  • Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade wrap around model – team leader Lisa Baskin, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade STEM model – team leader Lisa Baskin, CMSD
  • High school – team leaders Lisa Bottoms, The Cleveland Foundation and Ken Hale, Cuyahoga Community College
  • College/Career – team leader Lee Freidman, Cleveland Scholarship Programs

Team leaders, with foundation support staff, are identifying co-leaders, as well as members for each of the service areas. Three support teams have also been developed, for data collection, neighborhood and community engagement and external affairs.